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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Remnant Veteran Eucalyptus tereticornis Coomera

This tree approximately 35m north of the Coomera River contains some of the largest diameter deadwood and hollow habitat I have ever seen in person. I have read about such habitat but never actually been in a tree that has such rare treasures.

Head and shoulders above its neighbours the remnant tree is clearly visible from the motorway

It can be clearly seen from the M1 motorway when travelling to or from Brisbane, in a landscape that has been completely transformed in the last 160yrs it is the last of the forest remnants in the region.

Coomera River ferry operating in 1920's (before the road bridge was built) looking south

Despite the amount of land clearing carried out in the first wave (1840-1890) the picture above indicates how much forest remained along the banks of the Coomera River in the 1920's, within 30yrs almost all of this vegetation had been removed to permit dairy farming and other agricultural practices.

Bridge construction (looking north) 1928
It is possible to identify the remnant tree in a photo of the bridge construction over the Coomera River from 1928.
Coomera River in the 1980's
By 1980 only a few paddock trees and lucky remnants remain across the region, still predating the M1 the picture does show the two smaller road bridges (both still present and in use today).

The tree today carries the scars from long past storm damage that tore out the top half of the tree, the upper canopy visible today is all regrowth from that traumatic event.

The hollow habitat held aloft comprises every imaginable combination of diameter sizes, entrance hole orientation and scale.

The noise from the resident (and visiting) birds is loud enough heard from the ground, but nothing to the volume generated when they are objecting to your presence up in the canopy.

We have put together a longer than usual video of this tree on our Youtube channel. We hope that the you find the additional time needed to download this 6min video worth the wait.


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  2. Post Script: risk averse managers removed this tree in 2014