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Monday, December 28, 2009

Queensland Heritage Council request for submissions to the Heritage Register

The Queensland Heritage Council (QHC) are asking all Queenslanders to think about what local places should be included on the State Heritage Register. These potential heritage places includes trees...

Our shared heritage
(From the QHC website: )

As the state’s independent advisor on heritage matters, one of the Queensland Heritage Council’s main tasks is to ensure the Queensland heritage register truly tells this state’s story of development – for all Queenslanders.

To this end, we’ve been grateful for the efforts of the State Government’s statewide heritage survey which has identified more than 200 places so far that are worthy of state heritage listing.

But we fear time will beat us: that’s why the Heritage Council is seeking Queenslanders’ input. We are asking you to get involved by offering suggestions of local places that you consider worthy of state-heritage listing.

Together, let’s ensure the Queensland heritage register captures iconic Queensland places of all descriptions.

What’s wanted:

Name a place in Queensland that is not yet heritage-listed but which you believe should be by emailing your suggestions to the Queensland Heritage Council on before 26 January 2010.

The place you nominate must fit at least one of the following criteria:

Rare, uncommon or endangered

Part of Queensland’s development

Able to tell us something new about our history

A great example of its type

Visually appealing

Creative or technically innovative

Special to a group for social, cultural or religious reasons

Linked to an outstanding Queenslander or Queensland group
The normal nomination forms required to complete a submission - which are quite comprehensive and lengthy - have been set aside during this period up to Jan 26th 2010, presumably to encourage more people to submit potential heritage places.

A simplified form for submitting Veteran Trees (and non tree places!) that represent heritage values in your local area can be found here (NB left clicking this link will take you away from this page):    Historic places in your neighbourhood

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Veteran Fig Tree at Condong

Coming back from a trip to the Channon markets and Whian Whian State Conservation Reserve Whian-Whian SCA and Minyon falls I met (for about the fourth of fifth time) this lovely Veteran Tree a white fig ~ Ficus virens var virens just east of the Condon sugar mill.

When you look at the immediate area on Google Earth it seems a large tree is to be found south of the mill, and there is a braod spreading tree there...but it is not our Veteran, which due to the proximity of the Tweed Valley way has experienced dramatic canopy reductions over the years.

But enough of the Google Earth pics....

View along the Tweed Valley Way looking north,

View from the northwest of the tree looking south,

Very typical and beautiful liquid like flow manifest in the buttress roots of the tree,

Now a good friend of mine Ted Green admonished me for being too eager to climb into every bloomin tree I come across, and Ted is right that our enthusiasm to get close and personal with Veterans and Ancients has to be tempered by respect....but in my defence accomodating Angie was pleading for me to rest in her limbs...

I cannot honestly remember finding a fig with such a large bowl in its centre...althoug it looks like I am standing on the ground I am actually about 2.5m up in the Angie's centre.

Angie is already on the Tweed Valley Council's register of significant trees, and they have erected a coral of small timber bollards around her which is grand...

hopefully they might install some mulch more to avoid the incessant mower injuries than anything else...but of course the mulch would over time improve the soil and root environment which would I believe be a good thing.

The amazing cathedral like canopy is all the more impressive when you realise how much has been removed over the years....