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Scope: What we are about

In our leaflet 'Veteran Trees; An Introduction' the point is made that our interests and concerns for significant trees extends beyond the single criteria of age.

The few trees of great age that do still survive in our urban and peri-urban environment are immensely important both to us all, and to the environment as a whole.

ABC Gardening Australia filming at the base of a dead Veteran Tree at Nerang

The Veteran Tree Group of Australia (VTGA) is interested in all trees of significance, events occuring around these trees are more often than not far more important than the age of the tree.

A beautiful avenue of planted Norfolk Pines (c1930) at Terranora

Trees may be considered to be outstanding because they are old, provide critically important habitat, are amongst the biggest of their species, are linked to an important histrorical event or have some exceptional cultural significance.

Terms like Ancient, Veteran, Heritage, Notable and Champion have to be understood in the context of all the elements that together determine the significance we attribute to particular trees.

Two remarkable remnant forest figs (The Warple Brothers) Numinbah Valley