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In Wonder of Figs

Of all the different kinds of trees that I have met the genus Ficus amaze me perhaps more than any other.

I am not actually sure whether it is their incredible resiliance, their refusal to accept defeat in the face of overwhelming events both man made and less obviously anthropogenic.

Figs can grow so quickly that they physically overwhelm both their fellow arboreal companions and indeed any man made structures foolishly placed in their reach.

I am often reminded by their almost fluid forms that they owe more than a passing debt to their epiphytic origins, often growing in ways more commonly seen in vines than in trees.

I think it is a real shame that a few people seem to apply misunderstandings about tree biology particularly how tree roots grow and what long term options there are for the coexistance of large spreading canpied trees and other built infrastructure.

Figs were a very popular choice for both street tree plantings in the emerging towns and cities of 19th century Australia, and in the many early farm properties - particularly dairy and beef cattle farms. Figs; Stand out and be recognised

Figs remain one of the most reliable resiliant trees to grow in our hostile urban environment, unfortunately we seem to have lost the strong robust vision that drove ambitious mass plantings of trees that were known to grow big at the beginning of the century....personally I think we need to regain that passion and vision.