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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Whatever you call them why do they matter?

Veteran trees are special in many different ways, sometimes it is their size or shape that makes them stand out so very clearly from other trees around them.

Some trees were important markers for the people living in that area, or region....Veteran trees that predate white settlement are probably very rare indeed, just how many pre-settlement trees remain is unknown, and one of the important tasks ahead of us is to begin the process of collecting information on just what is out there.

Given the level of urban development that has occurred throughout the coastal fringe along the eastern seaboard of Australia it is amazing that any remnant vegetation remains at all let alone any that actuallly have attained an age to justify holding the label veteran.

Aborigonal Australians rightfully lay claim to a special attachment and link to the land, to country.

It is however also very true that a great many of the people who have travelled across the globe to live here in Australia have also forged a real and tangible link to this land.

Trees have from an early stage played an important role in the creation of place for all of us, whether they have by a mix of chance and design been retained in the transforming landscape, or whether they have been deliberately planted for fodder, shelter, fuel and the same combination of numerous benefits that they still provide to us today....

The orignal homesteads may have long since decayed and crumbled, or more likely been swept aside before the pressures of urban expansion....but some of these sentinels remain defiant reminders of what and who went before.

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