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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Less famous Veteran trees around Springbrook

Some shots of some less famous Veteran Trees to be found around Springbrook National Park....what they lack in fame they make up for in appearance!

This one appears to be sitting on top of a young boy....
The view aloft

Spiralling habitat

Are all the interesting trees twisted?

Might be middle earth...or a druid chapel

Some looking down now to rest those tired neck muscles, some very lovely Cortinarius sp growing in amongst the moss and leaf litter.

A fairly common but nevertheless beautiful little fungi is Coprinellus disseminatus ~ the fairy ink cap, as a saprophyte this hard working little fella is a good indication of the presence of an old stump, or large root in the ground. Interestingly the caps start out being pale cream then change to the lovely soft grey you can see.


  1. Mr Tree and me have been saying we could do a round the world trip looking at amazing trees, on a planned route. I think we could spend considerable time round your way! Fabulous pictures.

  2. I think one of the things that makes Australia such a fascinating place is that there still are places where European settlement has had no direct impact. It is in some ways the juxtaposition of these two different histories that captures the imagination.

    The history of white settlement along the coast often marked by the only reminder being a signficant sized tree. further inland unsettled, undeveloped areas which whilst having some impacts from the indigenous people appears almost untouched.